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Destined to be the next Captain James Hook in the story of Peter and Wendy, Jewel Hook is rebellious, sassy, and crowned the top pick for the month of August! Easily likeable by her fans here on the wiki, but struggles to fit in at school because of her destiny, Jewel just wants to be herself, all in all. She tends to be rude and snarky, but has good intentions, and is truly loyal once you get to know her.

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  • Patchworks Inc

    Your OCs Are Awesome XD

    September 25, 2016 by Patchworks Inc

    These are my favorite things I read from some OCs pages :>

    Steel Chopper (he has a new name omg!!!):
    "our Principal never had to lie to us to get us to follow our destinies!!!"
    (I actually drew him a month ago... I should upload it)

    Lilac White:
    "Vanquisha. Ha, just joking. It's Scarlet" (ITS FROM OUR R…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    My OC, Jewel Hook, needs relationships. She doesn't have any, accept a romance, of course :3

    Jewel is adventurous, sarcastic, kinda rude, very pirate-y, short tempered, easily annoyed, curious, out of the loop, and a bit bullied. But, she stands up for herself and others. You can check out her page …

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  • Patchworks Inc

    Lately I've really wanted to design somethings, so I'm offering design help for your characters! It doesn't even matter what character it is! It could be an adult, students, child, pet, whatever! I just really really really really REALLY want to design stuff!

    I've been researching on what you need i…

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